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Slow WebSite Loading



My website: is taking at least 2-3 minutes to load on my laptop through my browser.  I have tried on multiple laptops in the house and it is the same on each.


If I load the page on my phone, it loads instantly.


When I use online web site testing tools, they come back with good results.  I have just checked again using with a result of page load in 1.8 seconds?


Is this an issue on my home network?  If anyone could load the page and let me know if it loads quickly that would also be helpful.


Could anyone suggest a solution as I am finding it very frustrating.



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Hello @darrenmcneill,


It loaded quite quickly for me, 2 seconds max?

Try taking your laptop to a Internet cafe (friends house?) and seeing if there is a difference there. Cat Very Happy


"I don't work here, just helping out when I can." Cat Very Happy

Its a brand spanking new laptop, so it must be something to do with my home network... but its only my website it does this on, nothing else when I am browsing etc.  I have another website through goDaddy and that loads fine......  I'm banging my head against a wall at the minute!