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Server side includes

I need

<!--#include file="banner.html" -->

                                 (where banner.html is an html file in the same directory as the calling html file)

to work!

 I have checked and verified with godaddy support thatthe  support for ssi's is enabled in cpanel.

I  get back the error message 

[an error occurred while processing this directive]

whenever the directive is called.  I can find contradictory messages about making changes to .htaccess as well as ones that say this is not necessary - it does not work in either case.  Note that this is not the #virtual="filename'html" flavor of this directive - but that does not seem to work either.  I need the file= version to work!


Re: Server side includes

I figured it out.  By default godaddy declares a handler for the .shtml extension for the file that does the calling.  If you want to have the server parse for ssi calls in other extensions like htm or html etc. then those must be declared as another handler in cpanel. 


Maybe this will help someone else.