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SSH Key Fingerprint Mismatch

Hello Community,

I just created a key pair using a 4096-bit key.  When I make the connection to the domain name or IP using my [dot]ppk file, it provides a key fingerprint for 2048-bit key.  Obviously, the fingerprints do not match.  I confirmed the files on server with what was created and it all matches.  I do not know where the disconnect is and I am familiar with using PuTTY for networking devices.  Any suggestions or should I just create a new key pair?  Do I need to mount the key?  Thanks in advance.


Helper II

Try stop/restart of Putty + be sure you explicitly reference the correct key file, per your Putty version's documentation.


Thanks for the response.  I upgraded to the most recent, stable version (0.70) two weeks ago and tried the 64 and 32-bit versions as well.  I also decided to generate a new key pair just to see what that does.  I de-authorized the old one and authorized the new.  However, the server's key fingerprint remained a 2048-bit key with the same fingerprint.  I must not have my public key in the correct directory.  Furthermore, every time I go to look at the SSH setting under managing my cPanel, it asks me to Enable SSH each time.  GoDaddy's website states that I need to enter a phone number and GoDaddy will call to activate SSH, but I never got that option.  Sorry for the length, but I'm just trying to provide all of the details.