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SMTP Email Problem

Today i try to setting up using SMTP email for my mybb forum  , but it seem not working .

My setting for the mail setting
SMTP hostname :
SMTP port           : 80 
SMTP username  :
SMTP password   : ( password for my email account )

This is my System Email Log error >

"The mail server is not ready, it did not respond with a 220 status message."


 I have try manually using the email send out is ok , So what is the problem ?


Re: SMTP Email Problem

Hey @FaithSteven


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


If you're sending the mail from your hosting plan, you're actually using the wrong relay server. Configure your forum pages to send through as the relay server. Also, you'll need to specify port 25 for outgoing mail. There's no login requirements to send through this server. 


Let us know if that helps. 

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