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Need advice on hosting choice

My current issue is I currently have websites with Namecheap and one of my sites is our company Intranet. We have 165 employees and the site is a Wordpress theme. At this time when 15 or more people use the site the CPU goes to 100% and the site goes down.


Would hosting on GoDaddy's business plan that utilizes 2 cpu's alleviate the issue or possibly the Pro WordPress hosting?


Also, the biggest question would be, is it possible to transfer the entire site and all the registered users with minimal downtime?

Community Manager

Hi @Xsarec. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


Based on what you've said, it sounds like a Business Hosting plan might be a good fit. I'd make sure you also look at how much RAM your current host has and compare it to what our Business plans offer as well. Managed WordPress might also work but it would be easier to upgrade to include additional resources should the second tier prove not to offer what you need. If you're not sure, you can always call our customer care team so they can consult with you on what would best fit your needs. 


As for transferring the site, if it's just WordPress, transferring all files and database should be enough to make sure you get all your users. The amount of downtime you experience would depend largely on how you access the current site. If you're using a registered domain, it should be just a matter of updating the domain's DNS settings to switch over to the new server once you have it ready to be used. If you provide more information on how your current intranet is set up, others in the community may be able to offer additional suggestions. 


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