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Multi Hosting Help

Hi All


I hope someone can help me here, hopefully I will be clear so here goes, domains are just examples and not actual, but format is correct....


I have deluxe hosting which I believe allows for multi hosting. I have set up 2 different websites... (this one is live and attached to a domain with Go Daddy, All good)

I have also set up another site currently in development that sits under, I will soon be ready to set this site live, the problem I have is the domain that I want this site to reside under is actually with another company, I do not currently have access and they will probably not transfer the domain to go daddy, I will however probably have access to manage the domain. I need to point at my subdomain website that is on go Daddy.


Hopefully this makes some sense of what I am trying to achieve. Is it possible? What do I need to do? Or if not possible, what is the approach I need to take to run 2 different websites on one hosting account.


Thanks in advance.




Anyone got any help for this please?