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Migrating WordPress sites to Reseller hosting

I currently have a few WordPress sites with another host (one main domain and several sub-domains). I'm thinking of signing up with a GoDaddy reseller account but am not sure about the process of migrating the sites. It says there's a migration tool but I'm not sure if this applies to a reseller account (this is the turnkey type at $8.99/month). I'm not very knowledgable about programming. Is this service provided or is there an extra charge for it?

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Migrating WordPress sites to Reseller hosting

Hello @lchris33


The easy way to migrate a WordPress site it with a plugin like this.


Basically, you install the plugin on your WP, create a "export", after that, you go to your new WP installation from your GoDaddy hosting account, and with the same plugin you import the file you have exported.

You can see a tutorial here.

You will have to do that one site at the time.


Good luck.


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Reseller Hosting details

Hi guys, just wanting to enter the arena of reselling Go Daddy, but have a few questions before I leap


How many Gb is the Redundant Network on Go Daddy?

What is the Core Server Minimum on Go Daddy?

How much RAM on a reseller server? 

How many Minimum Cores Per cPanel User?

How much Physical Memory Per cPanel User?

How much Virtual Memory Per cPanel User?


Hope someone can answer these so I have a better understanding of what I can and cannot do.


Re: Migrating WordPress sites to Reseller hosting

I was able to export the side via all-in-one plug in without issues. However, when i log in to new WordPress site and try to run import form file - I keep getting the following error:

"Unable to import

Object doesn't support this action'"


Any suggestions, ideas how to go about it? Thanks