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Let’s Encrypt SSL on GoDaddy Hosting

Hello All,

I have a question.  I have the Ultimate Web Hosting Linux plan with 2 domains and want to add SSL to the sites.  These sites are simple and do no ecommerce so I feel a third party cert is OK.  I have been reading around the posts and it seems that I need to get a dedicated IP for my account. An additional cost but I can deal with that.


I clicked on the "SSL Certificates" icon on my Hosting Details page but it just returns me to the main page.  Is there a way to install a Let's Encrypt Cert with Ultimate Web Hosting Linux? I read I may need to convert my hosting account to cPanel.  Is this true?


Just looking for information here.  Any help greatly appreciated,.


If you have SSH access to your account, just visit to obtain a free let's encrypt certificate valid for 3 months

Thanks for the reply, but my question is about installing the certificate.  I do have ssh access but not root.  Assuming I got the 3 month cert from Let's Encrypt, how do I install it?  That I what I am looking for.

Just follow the instructions in the aforesaid website. It provides you the necessary commands to install the certificate.