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How to show a list of files in a directory to visitors

I have a subdomain where the host there wants to have PDF documents in a folder - point to the folder name as part of a URL.  A visitor clicks on the URL then sees a list of the PDFs in the folder and selects which one they wish to view.


The host has no problem getting the files into the folder, one can see the PDF if one uses the name of an individual PDF as part of the URL, but gets 403 Forbidden if trying to see the list.


I talked for an hour with the help desk yesterday and they said it was a change I could make in File Manager.


"Look for /pdf-files folder then hover your cursor to it. You will see an circle with arrow point down then you will have the option to change permission.  Just click Advanced it will allow you to allow full access from there."


I did hover and find the arrow pointing down and option to change permissions.  I clicked on Advanced - and after that I get lost because there are a bunch of choices, some of which make no sense - including other subdomains not associated with this account / folder.

Is there some sort of entity I need to add somehow to say I wish to allow visitors to see a listing of the files?

Resolver II

Re: How to show a list of files in a directory to visitors

Hello 🙂


You should create a .htaccess file in the folder you want others to access your pdf files and the folder should not have a index or home .html or .php file 🙂

Step by step guide:


  1. Go to your website Control Panel
  2. Go to File Manager
  3. Open the folder your PDF files are in
  4. On the top left side you have an option + File
  5. Click there and you will create a new file
  6. File name should be .htaccess (Don't forget the DOT .)
  7. Go to your .htaccess file click over it
  8. Click Edit
  9. Select UTF-8
  10. Click Edit
  11. Add this Line: 
    Options +Indexes
  12. Done others can now browse your directory and see your pdf files 🙂

Feel free to mark the topic as solved if this helps you 🙂 !




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