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Go Daddy so slow

This is more directed at godaddy but if anyone else can help it would be appreciated


We run 2  different accounts with go daddy and BOTH are slow to load, more so the cpanel is slow to load, all functions within the back end is slow to load, Shopping cart on 2nd account most times will time out, we cant update it, we cant check if it has customers, NOTHING, have tried different computers and different connections but still the problem exists, spoke to tech support who were not only rude but also unhelpful.

So my question is,, are you able to solve this issue or should i cut my losses and move on ?

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Hey there @suremotive 


That could actually be several things, from over utilization of resources, poorly optimized sites, or any number of things. 

I'm assuming you're running WordPress installations (correct me if I'm wrong.) There are a lot of optimizations you can do to speed those up.


I'm also willing to bet you're running them on a shared server. What type of hosting plan do you currently have?


I'll help in whatever way I can if you can just supply a bit more information. Smiley Happy

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