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FTP Speeds are 1/100th of Internet speed (SLOW) ??

FTP Speeds -- Whether Downloading or Uploading are unacceptably too slow.


The throttled speed by GoDaddy appears to by synchronous on Tx/UL or Rx/DL at roughly 10.90 Mbit/s aka: 1.x Megabyte / Second.  


This would have been fine 10-15 Years ago,.. however speeds are much, much faster these days.


My connection is GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) -- at 1,000Mbit/s aka 125 Megabytes / Second -- So you can see the dilemma here.   A 2 Gigabyte file takes nearly half an hour to download or upload.. this is far far too long and hurts production.  


People utilize websites for business and even for pleasure speed is of the essence.  Throttling at 10 Mbps is , again, archaic when we are pushing the decade 2020.  


GoDaddy, I emplore you to raise your FTP hard limit to at least 100Mbps and ideally you would be in line with Google and other large companies and push a Few Gigabit/s to allow RESIDENTIAL connections to not supercede your connection by 100 times.. as is the case here.


A response would be excellent!


Thank you,


I've just had this same experience. Bought a shared hosting plan and speeds were fine. A few days later I was throttled to 1.3 MB download from the server. I was on a shared hosting plan and was told it was due to congestion that I needed to upgrade to a VPS. I did so and my speed issues were resolved. 

Fast forward 2 weeks and I'm not right back at the 1.3 MB throttle. Two hours with godaddy support and I'm told I should probably switch to a different provider. Their solution was to tell me to go to a different provider. The next guy told me that it's likely due to congestion on the server. That doesn't explain why my download speeds are fine when downloading from cpanel file manager yet FTP and SSH are maxed at 1.3MB down. Tested this from two different machines on completely different ISP's. I was then told that it must be a firewall setting on my cpanel server.... my completely default cpanel server that I've made no changes to...

Thanks for the response. 


I've heard of the VPS - -but even with your switch it didn't resolve the slow speed issues with FTP.  


Either way - in 2018 FTP speeds from rather costly GoDaddy packages shouldn't be 1 MB/s -- It's criminal.  I know why they do it.. it saves them money on bandwidth.  The techs/CSR's probably don't have the detailed information of how Godaddy setup their infrastructure back in the day that allows these 1MB/s 1.x speeds.. that have been at this rate for 5-10-15-20 years? 


I only post this to , perhaps, bring more attention to this.  GoDaddy needs to merely bump their allowed FTP speed for any package up to something more reasonable.  People pay a lot of money for this and I don't know about you.. but all the site work, transfers etc are done via FTP for me.  Speed is obviously important. 


As I've said .. a residential connection I have is 1,000 Mbps synchronous,.. to only be able to use 1/100th of this speed for a business online is crazy.


I think you and anyone serious with their web hosting should probably heed the advice they gave you to leave and go elsewhere for web hosting/service.  However, this is the LAST thing you want your representatives to be telling customers if you aim to maintain and improve your existing successful company.  Is what it is.  

I would like to agree with stated opinions and support the facts by confirming the throttling down after few weeks of joining services, overall overpricing and pay-to-play features which usually comes free. I mean, paying 99.9999/yr to 444.99/yr for SSL when opensource SSL option (don't want to name them) gives you this feature for free is just the thing of knowledge and experience. Bandwith, security, storage, support and many more services has a big drawbacks. Switch for current clients is highly considerable/recomended option tbh.

Having the same issue here. Not only being slow, it does not allow scp either. Gives a connection closed error.


But try to zip the content and send it over sftp. It works faster.