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I spent some time on the phone with you the other day. Here is what we found out.


Please visit:

Refresh the page about 4 to 6 times and you will get the error.


The error happens on multiple ISP's and multiple browsers. It is not a local problem so please don't try to skirt the issue. We are trying to find out why this particular website software is losing connection while loading.


Please visit the link and do the refresh until you get the error then you can test why you are getting the error. I have a sneaky suspicion it is your mod_security based on many other forums that stay mad at you on a regular basis. I'm not mad, I just need an answer so we can correct any code needed to actually work on your servers. I really don't want to switch hosting. Please help.


Please refresh the link until you get the error. 


Same problem with my site that i'm working with it seems that my home ISP IP address is block by godaddy and it's affecting everybody with the same ISP public IP addresses

Greetings @oscarjr2001,


We'd like to be sure everyone reaches you every time, but if you are getting this error infrequently it's unlikely it's a blocked IP address bank (as that would occur all the time).


You may want to run a trace route test to see where the connection is failing


Otherwise, give  24/7 Support the opportunity to address your specific occurrences in your account.


I hope that helps,
Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at


Getting Started

Same thing happens to me every single day 10+ times a day and many of my other users around the world. On all browsers, devices and networks even on multiple domains with the same hosting plan. 

Hey there.

The only time I've ever received this response is from database 'flooding'.  That means that there is a limit to how many requests can be sent within a specific time period.  If a user were to exceed that limit then this error occurs.  Currently, I'm attempting to see if the error still occurs if I cycle users in my PHP files.  It's going to take a little doing, but I'll keep you informed (if I remember, lol).

Also, I'll probably be contacting GoDaddy regarding an upgrade.  I make mobile games where on every death there's a whole slew of information sent and received.  If they die infrequently then there's usually not an issue, however, my games are rather difficult so people are dying every 10 seconds, lol.

Thanks in advance, community.