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A specific text file refuses to display and I get a 404 message

I just reuploaded a series of text files to a folder and when I go to see them through links on my pages, only one refuses to display even though it is there. I get a 404 message on my browser instead. I can see the content on my own laptop and the file in the folder itself, but the page link will not work and I cannot find an error. Mind that it is the only file which behaves this way. Please advise.


Hey @tmoore_23,


Was this on a Linux (cPanel) hosting plan? You may want to check the cases used on the filename and within the URL path of your links to make sure they match, as Linux is a case sensitive environment. If the file is there, but it's not being found then it is the likely culprit.


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Thanks for the advice, but I got faster communication by phoning Tech Support.

Cases turned out to be the problem along with a folder not being entered with a trailing slash. The irony is that most of the html files contained a trailing slash in a base href tag which would have rendered the htmls invisible in any case. Problem solved. Thanks.