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Domain transfer between Godaddy´s accounts

Hi everyone,

I need to transfer the ownership of a domain managed here en Godaddy to my account also here. I have the auth code from the current owner, and I'm ready to begin the process. My doubt is about the current settings and how to handle them. (NS, Mail configurations, etc.) Need I to configure the settings or the configuration is translated automatically?

P.S. I'm newbie with these kind of stuff.


Re: Domain transfer between Godaddy´s accounts

Hi @mabrutsky


Thank you for your post. To process an Account Change (Transfer of domain between GoDaddy accounts) please refer to the following step-by-step guide. The process will require that you have teh gaining shoppers account number and email on file with us. Once processed the gaining registrant will be able to accept the domain directly into the account from the Pending Account Changes screen. 


Move a domain to another GoDaddy account


As for the DNS settings, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the  submission form that says "Keep the current Nameservers for this domain". If checked, the domain will retain its existing DNS/Nameserver settings.


Hope this helps!