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.uk Preregistration

Well today was the first big day. 


Any .uk names which had not been previously registered were up for grabs and the big domain name registrars, such as GoDaddy have this week to register them. Great! I have duely pre-registered around 400. Many I know will be snapped up by other registries first but I hope to get a few of them. Today 0-9, A and B domains were available. Out of the 53 I preregistered, I can see GoDaddy managed to get 2. Pathetic! Looking at the whois results on the other 51 I can see many private individuals has snapped up a number of good 2 letter domains. only 2 (and those were not the best) were grabbed by GoDaddy. I still my not get these as they will now be auctioned off to all the GoDaddy clients who applied for them.


There was me thinking GoDaddy was big and should get the Lion's share of the spoils of the new names. The probablem now is that I still might not get even these two.


Next time, I will just look for a small registrar and register through them.


Hopefully GoDaddy will have more luck tomorrow with the C,Dand E names.

Super User II
Super User II

Re: .uk Preregistration



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