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interested in domain investing .. please help!

Hey Guys ..


I'm not the most computer savvy person .. but, I have been using computers and keep up with how the internet/domains and all work .. over time, I've bought several domains just because I thought the name was cool .. and that I'd use it somewhere in the future .. but, now, realize I don't need all those domains nor do I have the time setting up various web-sites .. 


I want to get into domain investing .. for example, I have a domain : macbooktalk. com ..

these domains would be really great for people who want to set-up mac-related forums and news websites .. much like, etc. .. 


I think I've put up macbooktalkcom as a premium listing .. and got one shady reply from someone who wanted to buy the domain at a really inflated price of 5000 usd .. but wanted me to send him some money first .. I realized it was a scam ..


so what would be the best way to go about all this? .. premium listings? .. auctions? ..


I'd love some advice from someone who is into domain investing themselves .. 


Thanks in advance, everyong .. Look forward to hearing from some of you .. 




Re: interested in domain investing .. please help!

I've got a number of domains that are clean but adult oriented that I'm looking to sell at a bargain. 

These include  

If you're interested I will be offering them in the auction. Let me know if you're interested.