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Customer Service would not fix email issue

The usual issue with email deliverability.  This time my hosting customer having another problem with emails sent to her by her customers are not being delivered and customers complain about it. 

Spending hours on the phone with Godaddy between regular agents and supervisors don't fix the problem. 

I tell them there is the problem while I'm looking at it and they tell me according to their test there is NO problem on their side. Anything I tell the support they deny making me look like a liar and eventually they say Sorry, can't help you and hang up on you. THE WORST CUSTOMER/TECHNICAL support anywhere! The WORST!! A customer is always wrong with Godaddy!

The only solution all they offer (and I'm sure they are specifically trained for it) is to buy their Workspace email. Which makes me think that the cPanel email feature is being deliberately broken so they can upsell you on Godaddy's own Workspace emails for more revenue.  I used cPanel for emails for over twenty years - never had a single problem. And the day I came to Godaddy there was a deliverability issue and that same day the tech support told me cpanel is not good and I need to buy Workspace email.


Now my hosting customer's email address is not working properly and Godaddy just hang up on me saying there is no problem on their side and unless that customer buys a workspace emails there is nothing they can do... I sent two emails to that customer's email while on the 2 hours waste-of-time support call, emails never arrived and the Godaddy support tells me they don't see any issues on their side and hang up on me! That's it! The account has a problem and is not fixed and there is nothing I can tell my customer. And Godaddy washed their hands away... 


Shame on you, Godaddy!! The WORST support ever anywhere! Unhelpful, arrogant, sarcastic and rude support from every agent I ever dealt with! Makes you think they all go thru this special training to deal with their customers this way. They talk to you like they have some kind of supremacy over you and like there is no competition...

 Funny, the internet is full of pissed of Godaddy customers with similar complains and Goddady doesn't do anything about it.  They simply don't give a rip about it...

I recorded my phone calls with their support and I'm putting it on social media for people to check out how Godaddy does their lame business! 




AGREED.  Literally the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  

Yep,  they arrogantly turn a table around and make you feel you are a stupid idiot and it's always a customer's fault. They refuse to admit Godaddy's issue. The very tone they talk to you sounds like they show you their supremacy. 

For twenty years I never ever had any problems with cPanel emails. And the minute I switched to Godaddy I had this problem. It took me months fighting with Godaddy to finally admit that was their problem when they blocked my domain the minute it was migrated to GoDaddy. But the issue still persists across all my domains and accounts and across of all my hosting clients' accounts. And Godaddy keeps blaming cPanel and their only solution (and it was from that first issue I had) is to purchase their very own workspace email service. Of course! Why would they help me fix the problem with my free and included cPanel feature if they can just sell me more...

I've been refused to fix THEIR problem calling them for about a week and talking to different unfit unknowable, incompetent agents.  They just cut the call short and go away and the problem is still there. I'm so fed up with Godaddy arrogance and no desire to actually help their customers who actually pays them money that I'm taking it to BBB and all over the social networks. 

AGREE 100% - worst customer service Ever - that is, IF you get through.  You can literally spend the better part of an hour on hold waiting for someone to actually help you - all you get is "We are assisting other customers and will be on the line soon" - recorded B.S. every 10 seconds.


Will NEVER use godaddy again for anything and will tell EVERYONE I know to stay away. is cheaper and Way better