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Contacting Godaddy

How do you contact GoDaddy online?


Can't find any email or webmail facility.


The chat facility seems to be about 30 min wait and just times out after about 10 mins! 😞


The web interface doesn't provide the facility they say use in the help.


"Transfer domain away from GoDaddy (disabled)
Get authorization code (disabled)"


I can't even find their complaints procedure.


Super User II

If you have Protected Registration that would need to be removed before the domain can be unlocked and transferred.

The reason for lock is down to time, which is why I need to contact GoDaddy!



It sounds like the domain may be under a 60-day hold, this is a security step to help keep your domain registration safe from fraudulent/malicious transfers.  You should see a notice in your domain details "Transfer available on [date]".  Some of the changes that initiate a 60 day hold can be rolled back, you can contact for manual review.